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Reggie's Tea House

Open breakfast and lunch, from 9am every day.

We are located on historic Liebig Street. Our bright and welcoming boutique teahouse has a comfortable, cosy lounge area and with our friendly staff, it is like having tea at a friend’s house.

We do offer vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, vegan - simply ask one of our team.

Our menu changes seasonally. Everything is made fresh to order,

Our Breakfast & Lunch Menu

Our Tea menu

There are so many flavours, styles and blends of teas that it’s sometimes hard for us to keep up to date with what’s new

Here at Reggie’s we have a carefully selected menu of quality teas from around the world that are perfect for getting together with friends or enjoying in a quiet corner with a book.

All of these teas are available at our tea house or online…we look forward to sharing them with you!

High Teas

This is what a teahouse is about - afternoon teas. 

Before it became a delicate mid-morning or afternoon break full of sweet things, high tea was a 3 o’clock meal eaten by the working classes. When eating, they would stand at tall tables, which is where the name ‘high tea’ came from.

  • The story goes that in the 1700’s, the 7th Duchess of Bedford complained to her friends about the mid-afternoon ‘sinking feeling’, something we sometimes refer to today as the 3 o’clock slump.
  • The Duchess started to have a cup of tea and a light meal at that time, eventually introducing her friends to the idea.  The upper classes loved the idea and added cakes, scones and sandwiches with expensive or rare fillings.

Today of course, high tea has become a luxurious special occasion rather than a daily meal, making it the perfect excuse to get together with friends for a little touch of elegance.

A Reggie’s high tea is everything you’d expect and more!

Join us for a morning or afternoon high tea with all the trimmings at an affordable price in lovely surrounds.